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We still have eggs!

While we have suspended retails sale of meat (chicken, beef, lamb and turkeys), we still have eggs available here at the farm.

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After 30 years, we have decided to suspend the retail sales part of our farming activities.

In particular, this was due to the following:

Finding competent and trustworthy meat processors for our four-legged animals (beef, sheep, and pork) has become impossible. And, we’re tired of having to fight those people to get our animals handled and processed the way we wanted it done.

Finding reliable help to process chickens and turkeys here at the farm
has proven equally challenging (stressful), and I’m tired of dealing with unreliable help.

Farming costs have gone through the roof and are hard to keep up with.
Most folks do not realize the time laps involved in raising animals (for example, it takes about 2 years to get a beef cow ready to harvest). 
The fear is that we will go through the process of raising something, 
and then it will be priced too high to sell.
The risks are not worth the stress or the reward.
We are not willing to spend the amount of time, money, and energy to complete this process only to find that it has exceeded folk's budget.

The new and younger generation of foodies have big box healthy food stores and several Farmer’s Market options.
Most aren't looking for better options; they are looking for cheaper options.

Farmer's Markets are not a sustainable business model.
It needs to be noted that NO one around here has been able 
to sustain a decent living by selling meat at farmers' markets, making deliveries, farm stores, and all those other consumer-friendly activities.
Several have tried, and, to the best of my knowledge, NONE succeeded.
The ones I see doing it now are hobby farmers. Someone else in the family covers the overhead.
They must enjoy these markets and seem to do it mostly for entertainment and some extra cash. 

NOTE: If we should have any meat for sale in the future, we will notify by Facebook.

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