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Welcome to Goose Pond Farm

If you are reading this you probably believe that cooking and eating delicious food, serving amazing food to others and even the mere act of thinking about food are very high on your list of ways to spend time in a truly powerful manner. Even shopping for food can be a delicious experience! That is why it is so valuable to learn as much as possible about the art and science of what goes into making food worth eating.   

All our web pages contain a ton of valuable educational, information about how to raise meat the right way.    

As Alabama's free-ranging, drug-free, all natural, grass experts, we have spent over 3 decades making pasture-raised a way of life.

All our meats are raised in an all-natural environment and are seasonal in production so that you only get the very best. To join in our partnership and receive e-notices of when your favorite meat is ready to harvest, click here to sign up. 


There are a ton of differences between farms and farmers; and these differences are very important to the quality of food you get. 

To get started in navigating this website, look at the list of meats we offer at the top of this page.

Then click on the meat you're interested in and learn how really all natural is supposed to be done.

If it gets overwhelming, give us a call, 256-751-0987, and we'll answer any of your questions.

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Hello, my name is Charles Ritch and I'm proud to be your local farmer. To learn why "seasonal production" is the best way to produce the highest quality meats, visit each of the links listed above.

We have three decades of experience. We are the longest operating, most diverse, direct to consumer, sustainable all natural farm in Alabama. This is no accident. We are "proven" pasture-raised experts.

Out motto has always been:  The Best or Nothing.
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