Goose Pond Farm,LLC
Hartselle, AL
Soy, wheat and GMO free
Pasture/woods raised
All Natural Eggs

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We got Eggs

Alabama Pasture-raised
 Local, Farm Fresh
Wheat and GMO free

Raised-on-pasture, drug free, living the good life!

We have our pasture raised eggs available here at the farm almost all the time.

And, to make it convenient, we have them available on a self-serve, honor system.

You can come anytime that it suits your schedule and get all you want.
No appointment is necessary and you can serve yourself.

Don't be imitated. Folks do this all the time. However, if you feel uncomfortable then give us a call and we'll walk you thru the process

No appointment; no hours; just when you feel like a drive out to the country – come on.

Here’s how it works. At the end of our driveway you will see a detached carport on your left. On the wall of that carport is a sign that says: 

“EGGS are in this refrigerator, self- serve”.

To see what it looks like when you get to the farm, click here.

You open the door to the refrigerator and get as many dozen as you want. There is an honor “money can” in the door where you can put your money. You can pay by cash or check.

The current price per dozen is on the door. Right now they are $5 per dozen.

Our address is: 298 Goose Pond Rd, Hartselle, Al 35640. 
Waze and Google Maps will get your here

How long will they last? The short answer is until they spoil…
However, with the proper care, you can generally keep them for several weeks in a well maintained refrigerator.

Here’s how: A least once each week, flip the carton over and store them upside down. Then the next time flip them over and store right side up. Keep repeating until they have been consumed. The yolks might get runny after a couple of weeks but the eggs will continue to taste great.

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