Goose Pond Farm,LLC
Hartselle, AL
Soy, wheat and GMO free
Grass fed
Pasture raised
Grass fed
Pasture raised
Pasture and 
forest raised
Soy and GMO free
from free-range pastured hens

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Compost and Mulch 
for your Garden 
About as organic and natural as one can get 

By reservation only.

We have available, by reservation only, Compost and Mulch.

Both are from the area where we brood our baby chicks until they are ready to go out on pasture.

The Compost pile is from 2 seasons back and has been composting since then. It started off as wood chips and chicken manure.

The Mulch pile is from last season. It will be great as mulch around your plants. It contains wood chips and chicken manure.

There are two (2) purchase options:


    Bulk Compost is $55, Mulch is $50 for a heaping bucket load from our tractor (we have no clue     how many cubic anything this is..) . However, it will just about fills up a pickup truck.

    Bulk is by appointment only.

    Josh, who works here, will be handling this.
    You can text him at 256-341-7283. (text only)
    Note: TEXT only. Do not call!!!
    He does not answer calls from numbers he does not recognize.
    Also, do not used this number for any other farm business. 
   CASH ONLY!!!!!!!
    You will be paying Josh directly.

Load your own:

    The other option is that you can self-fill your own 5 gallon buckets for $5 per bucket. 
    Again, by appointment only. 

Gardening without work: For a great resource on how to reduce the work of gardening and how to use mulch to help click here.
Eggs available year round at the farm