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Speaking to your Group

Over the past 30 years that I have been producing pasture-raised meats, there have been many opportunities to speak to all size groups.

If you would like for me to speak to your group (of any size), please call so I can set up a time that would be convenient.

I have spoken to Garden Clubs, Sororities, Civic groups, Health clubs, Mothers groups, Sunday School Classes and house (tea) parties.

I am a professional and will not show up with a dirty straw hat, overalls or muddy boots. 

I use a very informal educational type format in these presentations. 
This allows those attending to ask questions that are of interest to them.

We can address issues like:
  • How to I find get heathy, nutritionally dense food?
  • Why does good food cost so much?
  • How to find good, honest farmers?
  • What are some of the important question to ask farmers?

If you have any question, please call 256-751-0987.​