Are you making unsubstantiated assumptions!

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During the winter months, we like to attend seminars and conferences that pertain to organic, sustainable, and ego-friendly farming. At one of these, we had the opportunity to meet a local farmer who was raising locally grown, natural meats. He invited us to come see his farm while we were in the area.

According to him, the only difference in his operation and ours was that he was located near a very large city that had several farmers’ markets. These specialty farmers’ markets catered to the local, sustainable, organic type farms. He marketed all his meats at these markets and sold nothing directly off his farm.  

Once we arrive at this farm, we were appalled. It was filthy, trashy, and cluttered. We couldn’t believe our eyes. This place was so messy, we doubt, if you had seen it, that you would have purchased any of his food.

We asked him if anyone ever visited his farm. He said no and that he did not encourage it. We could certainly see why!

How many of you buy food from farmers at the farmers’ market without ever taking the time to visit the farm? Do you actually know how your food is raised, harvested and handled before you eat it? This is especially problematic if you are buying meats at a market. What do you really know about the meat you’re eating? 

More and more of you are buying your food based on unsubstantiated assumptions. You assume that because it is organic, it is better. You assume that because it is grass-fed, it is better. You assume that because the farmer looks “farm-ie”, it is better. 

Feeding ourselves and our family with good, nutritionally dense food is the most intimate and the most personal thing you do. You are introducing substance internally, which is meant to fuel your family, give them the energy they need to be high achievers, keep them healthy, and allow for natural growth and cell reproduction. What we place into our mouths, stomachs, and intestines are eventually transformed into our bones, blood, and brains.

Are you going to make “assumptions” with your food buying dollar? Sounds mighty risky to us.

Goose Pond Farm makes it easy to get to know us. Know us better and you’ll know your food better. We’re the best and we’re darn proud of it - make us prove this. 

When you buy from Goose Pond Farm……it’s an investment.

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