​Local off-farm pick up points 
for Turkeys

  • This system is for Turkeys only. 

  • Since you are paying by weight, price cannot be predetermined. You will pay the amount due with a check (no change available at p/u points). We are not set up to take credit/debit cards at these locations.

  • Fees are listed for each local pick up point​

  • Click on the city to make your reservation.​

Madison/Athens area:

    13753 Neptune Lane, Athens 35613 (click here for map)
    Geoff and Amy's Blank's house
    email: geoff.blank@icloud.com
    Geoff Phone: 334-648-1249
    Amy's Phone: 334-685-0970
​​    Pick up day is Saturday (19th) afternoon.
    Deliver fee: $6 per bird plus cost of bag of ice.

Huntsville (northeast):

    2412 Diary Lane, Huntsville, AL 35811
    Near Chapman Elementary and Optimist Park
    Ellen Styles house.
    Email: ellenstyles55@gmail.com
    Phones: H: 256-551-0457, C: 256-658-9878
    Pick up day Saturday (19th) afternoon 
    Deliver fee: $6 per bird plus cost of ice.

Birmingham Area:

    Pick up locations: Pepper Place Parking lot
    2829 2nd Ave South, Birmingham, 35233 (click here for map)
    Pickup day is Tuesday (22nd) at 4.
    Deliver fee: $7.00 per bird.
    Stephen Guesman coordinates this pickup: 
    Phone: 205-919-6231
    Email: greenworks.sg@gmail.com

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