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Pasture raised

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All Natural
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Soy, wheat and GMO free

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All Natural Pork Information

Our all natural, pasture raised pork is seasonal in production. To receive the e-notices of when our pork will be ready to harvest, please join our email notification list. Click here to sign up. 

When is pork available? We have an offering for our pork in late fall.

How do you notify me when it is available? At the end of this page there is a link to sign up to receive the email notices.

How are the pigs raised? The pigs are raised on clean pasture and wooded forest where they are free to roam about as they please. They get plenty of sunshine, lots of fresh air and a bundle of TLC. What they do not get is any inhumane treatment, drugs, growth stimulants, or steroids. We use only natural, old-fashioned methods to ensure that the pork will be unsurpassed in taste, tenderness and nutrition.

What quantities are offered? We offer our all natural pork in increments of one half. 

What can one expect? Pork is sold in increments of one half. From this half, one can expect to get approximately 90 to 145 pounds of finished meat. Each half is cut to your specifications, and we are here to help you through the process to ensure satisfaction. Typically, you can expect about half of your order to be in roasts, chops, shoulders, etc., and the other half in sausage and bacon. You can also request the marrow/soup bones, lard and organs at no addition cost. Since we only offer the best, our seasoning does not contain MSG or nitrates. However, you can choose to have your sausage unseasoned.

What will be the final cost? The exact pricing cannot be determined until closer to time to harvest. However, you can expect your final cost to be approximately $600-$900 per half.
Frequently asked questions: 

  • Why do you only sell pork by the half? One of the things we must do is to limit those activities that distract us from raising the best pork possible. In order to sell our pork by the cut (a chop here and roast there, etc.), we would have to operate a store. Retail sales are a completely different activity from raising healthy animals. When you step back and look at this from an analytical point-of-view, you do not want the farmer raising your meats to be distracted from doing what is necessary to produce the absolute very best? Anything short of the best is simply not acceptable. So, do you really want us distracted from producing the very best meat available?

  • Why is your pork more expensive than what is at the store? The short answer is that it is not. It’s just that industrial, factory raised pork at the store is priced at exactly what it is worth! If you buy food based on it's quality, nutritional value and taste – our pork is cheap. However, it goes much deeper than that. One of the reasons conventional food is so cheap is that it is mass produced without any concern as to the quality of the food or the welfare of the animal. The industrial goals is to produce cheap food – not quality food (can't have both)! Our focus is on quality. Thus, we spend a lot of time working toward this goal. Quality doesn't come cheap. It involves a lot of labor to produce a system that will promote healthy growth in animals. We do not cut corners on anything to achieve this end.

  • Are your pigs treated humanly?​ Click here (opens in new window) for our humane policy.

  • Will my pork have any nitrates or MSG? Absolutely not! In fact, no preservatives of any kind are used. We are always all natural.

  • Does the supplemental feed have any GMO grains, soy or wheat?: Our supplemental feed does NOT have any of these items in it.

  • How do I know when the pork becomes available? Click the link in the box below to join our email notification list:

One more thing. Our all natural pork sells out in less than 4 hours after the notification goes out. That ought to speak of our quality. Better click on the link below and add you name now. Don't miss out.​

Goose Pond Farm is a family owned farm providing knowledgeable, local consumers with the best pasture-raised, drug and chemical free meats for over 30 years. 

We are located at 298 Goose Pond Rd, Hartselle, AL 35640

If you have any question, please call 256-751-0987.

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