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Soy, wheat and GMO free
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Soy-free, Wheat-free, non-GMO, Local, Humanely treated, Drug-free, Alabama Pasture-Raised 

​This year we are offering several pick-up options:
  • On-farm pick-up
  • Pick-up points in Madison/Athens, Huntsville, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa for details click here.

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Ordering/Pricing Details: 

Pick-up options: We offer both on-farm pick-up options and several pick-up points around the state. To view the off-farm pick-up points click here.

On-farm pick-up Info: 

    Pick up days will be on Tuesday, and Wednesday of each scheduled processing week     each month. Click here to see actual dates. You must specify a pick-up day. Please     record you chosen pick-up dates before you leave the web page.

    Pick-up times here at the farm are anytime between noon and 6 PM on the day 
    you choose to pick-up your reservation. 

Off-farm pick-up Info

    We have several pick-up points set up. These pick-up points are handled by     volunteer host that charge a fee for this service. Please click here to view the current     list of pick-up points.

Here's where you place a reservation: Click here place a reservation and choose a pickup point. 

Save a Copy: Please keep up with your reservations. We suggest you clip your copy of your order schedule as a reminder. 

Pricing: The price is $4.93 per pound. These are whole birds with an average weight between 4 and 5 pounds. However, due to many, many, many factors, you can expect huge size swings throughout the season. 

New Customers: If this is your first time to place a reservation for these birds, and you'd like some help in choosing how many birds to get each month, click here for some buying assistance.​

Ordering Sequence:

  Step #1: Click here and make a copy of this form and fill it out. This form is easier to understand than the "on-line reservation form". Keep this form as your permanent record.

  Step #2: Once you have made a copy you can click here and fill in the on-line form to submit your reservation.

  Step#3: Make a permanent copy of your reservation. Please keep up with your reservations dates.

​We use NO GMO, soy or wheat ingredients for our supplemental feeds 

​Humanely treated: Click here to learn more about how we treat all our animals with respect and dignity.

Goose Pond Farm
298 Goose Pond Rd
Hartselle, AL 35640


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